Can I have Fios and a second ISP?
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I think I had a great misunderstanding of how Fios works. I've had it a few years for internet only in my Brooklyn apartment. I've started using a VPN for work (video editing) and it has caused massive headaches for me and only me, the one person in my company on Fios. We failed to resolve the problem so the company is paying for me to get another ISP for only my work and we were keeping Fios for everything else.

I thought this would work because my thinking was Fios is fiber optics or whatever. So I went ahead and ordered my Spectrum modem and all.

Of course I go to hook it up and that's when I realize that (I think) the Optical Network Terminal is running off of the apartment's coax? I'm assuming that is what is happening... I can't make heads or tails of this box.

I need to have access to Spectrum. That either means I figure out a way to run both Spectrum and Fios or I cancel Fios and run only Spectrum. Does anyone know if there's a way for me to run both? If I cancel Fios what happens to the Optical Network Terminal, which I'm assuming is overtop the cable coaxial for my apartment?

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You could have spectrum run a separate coaxial line into your apartment or home.

my wife and I are wired for both. But I would dedicate a computer just for the cable use and leave the fiber alone.

call the cable company and they will accommodate you.