Can I switch from my Westell 6100 to a 327w modem?


I have a westell 6100 modem that came with my Verizon dsl and I also have a Verizon marked westell 327w that I would like to use since it has built in wireless.

I reset the 327w and hooked it up. When I click on internet explorer, a Verizon window pops up and gives me 3 choices from which to choose from. To make a long story short after I click on an option, it downloads the Verizon software and wants me to activate my account, basically like I am a new customer. But my account has been active for over 2 years.

I basically just want to know if switching to the 327w is actually possible for an existing account. I do not want to mess up my internet, since it pretty much has been working fine for the 2+ years that I have had it.

Any help would be appreciated.    

Re: Can I switch from my Westell 6100 to a 327w modem?
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The above link should help you disable something called Walled Garden in the modem software.  Either modem will work  for your account.

The second link will provide the manual for your modem.