Can anyone help me with my VPN set up here?

Hi I've come from an area where making a vegan sandwhich is a journey for one wonder bread into a halal fest. I am trying to figure out how to set up a VPN personal network at home using a power mac pc 2012 intel on 10.7.4 and perhaps on a dell latitude e6400 series to work with to set it up. I have a bought FiOS gateway of this year directly from Verizon. I also have Airport Extreme the flat one and is linked to the gateway as an extender currently. However I don't know how to set the VPN correctly and may need some help on how to go about it other than googling it up. Which I have tried and no success. I have tried to also contact apple. No success on apple technical support except I did go forward in familiarizing my Airport Extreme specs a little just as I am familiar with the specs on the VPN Network pre set up stages without it actually being initiated online yet. So I need help on that issue. Along with using my Wifi as a way of connectivity. My purpose for using the VPN is to have a protective network and secure network at home with or without a firewall mainly with all my devices. I hope that helps and someone could show me on the how to's or lend me a hand on suggestive directions that i could go about the VPN set up. Thank you! -Brahmz

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Why don't you choose a vpn provider for the purpose ? Rather setting up your personal vpn ?