Can connect to router but not internet with some devices

I have 2 smart TVs that recently stopped connecting to the internet even though connected to the Wi-Fi. I have the same problem with Verizon mobile phone, says no internet. These are the same connections the have worked fine for years. Tried ethernet cable on Samsung smart TV an still does cannot connect to internet. There are multiple other devices connected and working fine. Have been on with Fios Tech support multiple times and Samsung as well, they blame each other. Fios also said it is due to internet use increase from pandemic. Samsung said maybe device ip address is blocked by Fios. Tried to get devices on DMZ but fios link goes nowhere. Fios eventually tried to up-sell me to whole house tech support, that really **bleep** me off. And each time you call the automated system cycles your connection to "troubleshoot" without a choice so connectivity is lost for 5 minutes. This is ridiculous when you are trying to get work done from home and on hold for an hour plus or the automatic call back never calls back. Not sure what to try next

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Q1 What is the brand and model of your router?

Q2 While we get that you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

Please note for this next question even if you have another one that is not use, you must say so. For example: Yes, but it is a spare.

Q3 Do you have a separate router?

Please note for this next question: One of the NICs must be a wired NIC and it should not be a portable type of computer (ex: a laptop).

Q4 Do you have spare computer that works that either has two NICs or you could add a second NIC