Can't Watch Purchased Movies on PC

I wasn't sure what to classify this as, but anyway, I know that 99% of the browsers out there have stopped supporting Silverlight which Verizon uses to stream online.  About a year ago, I was able to watch all of the movies I purchased through Verizon on thier website via my PC.  Now I keep get the same dang message telling me I don't have Silverlight installed.  I know that I have it installed and I know that this is a browser issue.  I've used mutliple browsers with the same issue.  My question is, Is there a way to make this work without having to install an out of date browser?  Will Verizon ever get out of the Dark Ages and stream online content without using Silverlight since NO browser out there supports it?  I can't seem to find any answers anywhere online, on the forums or from thier own techs.

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Did you think of beaming the movies from the Fios app?

i know on some services (I use Apple TV and other Apple devices) and they normally can play these movies. I am thinking even a Mac can view these movies.

if you can bring up the movies from the Verizon app you should be able to beam to your tv or media equipped pc.

just an idea.