Canceling FIOS - What needs to be returned?
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I have been a long time Fios customer, but canceled my service.

I was told I would be sent prepaid boxes to return my equipment.

My question is what needs to be returned, based on what I have?

DVR  - Yes.

Cable card - Unsure?

Router - Unsure, FAQ states it doesn't have to be if I had service for at least a year?

Digital adapter boxes - Unsure, they were offered as free about 3 years ago?

Re: Canceling FIOS - What needs to be returned?

ONT and Battery Back Up stay at your address

Cable Boxes, and Routers get returned.  cable cards can be seperate items, but are mostly already physically in the cable boxes.

Remotes aren't terribly important, but return them anyway. 


Re: Canceling FIOS - What needs to be returned?
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Your Set Top Boxes, DVRs, Cable Cards, and Remotes get sent back to Verizon. The router is typically not wanted back by Verizon and is yours at that point if you've had FiOS for more than a year or two, but if it they ask for it back or you personally don't want it (you have another router, for example), just give it to them. Noting lost, nothing gained. The ONT and Battery Backup remain at your home. It's best to leave the BBU plugged in, but if you do decide to unplug it, please be sure to disconnect the battery as well to ensure that stays alive.

Re: Canceling FIOS - What needs to be returned?
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If the cable card is installed in Verizon owned equipment, it obviously goes back with the equipment. If it is installed in a TiVo or Televsion set or similar customer owned device, I would be very susprised if Verizon wants it back. The Cable Card is 'paired' to a device, and I believe the pairing is 'permanent' as a security feature. As a result a 'used' cable card is worthless once it comes out of the device it was paired with.

Re: Canceling FIOS - What needs to be returned?
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And if you return anything make sure you get a receipt, especially if you return by mail or Fedex.  Verizon has a way of not being able to find returned equipment.