Cannot access FIOS Quantum Gateway router using login and password that I established

I have a FIOS Quantum Gateway router. When I got it a couple years ago I set it up with the paranoia I had been trained to use in my job on anything that could be accessed from outside. That included never naming an administrator account "admin". I changed that name and the default password. I also changed the security for network devices to WPA2 with a new password and white listed them by MAC number. Now I need to add a new device, but have to add the MAC number to the white list.

The only problem is that I cannot access the router using the login and password that I established. I know what they are and have documentation to back up my memory. However, Verizon insists on filling in the login as "admin" and will not allow me to change it to the login actually set for the router. Therefore neither the password that goes with my login nor the default one that came with the router will work.  Is there any work around other than reinitializing the router and entering all the information AGAIN?

I'll probably have to reinitialize, but would be interested in any other ideas anyway for future use.  Thanks!

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Unfortunately the best way is to push in the reset button. Log back in on the original Admin & Fios password. Then you can change it again to what you like.

its a slight annoyance but after awhile you can do it with your eyes closed.

or you can purchase your own better router and not have Fios ness with your settings as possibly was done when the recently upgraded the routers with that McAfee protection which no one wanted and is hard to remove.