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I have cat 6 from my ONT to the router can I use 5e from the router to the tv I already have cat5e in the walls any help is appreciated thank you 

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Is actually to the TV or the set-top box?  If it is going to a SmartTV, you're fine. There's no problem with mixing Cat5E & Cat6 the way you've described.   Cat5e and Cat6 are electrically compatible.  The ratings describe the maximum data rate the cable is rated to carry.  Cat5e supports up to 1Gbps and Cat6 supports up to 10Gbps.  As I understand it, most TV's network interfaces only support 100Mbps, so the TV's interface will be will be the limiting factor.


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What Set Top Boxes do you have? The legacy Set Top Boxes, the VMS1100 and the VMS4100 require Coax since that is how they are getting the TV signal from the ONT. Coax is also used for the communication to the router.