Change WEP to WPA

I have Actionec GT784WNV modem/router whick was using WEP.  Now I have coverted to WPA, but certain devices (Printer, wifi dongle, etc) cannot connect to computer.  Other devices are OK.  I can locally connect printer to wifi network using the SSID and WPA 16-character password, but the network cannot connect with the printer.  The printer status report on the printer shows good connection.  Computer cannot see the printer.  Putting the router back to WEP, everything connects just fine.  Have tried various fixes with printer, but no success on WPA.  The router has firmware version VZ-1.1.22---Is there a new version?

Re: Change WEP to WPA
Community Leader
Community Leader

With the GT784WNV, make sure you're using WPA2-PSK AES as your encryption mode. This is the only form of encryption that allows for that Gateway to perform the best, being 802.11n equipped.

WPA is there for compatibility but should not be used. Mixed WPA/WPA2 mode should also not be used, as this could be causing the connectivity issues that you're seeing with the printer and the Wi-Fi adapter.

Some devices will also require that you forget your network, and then re-add it when the security changes. You can also manually fix the settings but forgetting and re-adding is easier.