Changing Wii connection frm wireless to wired

Netflix started acting up a couple of weeks ago. Lost ability to watch on two devices at the same time. Get"We are having trouble loading that title...." message.  Currently using two Wii's, both wireless. I thought maybe hard wiring one of them might eliminate the problem. Bought Ethernet adaptor from Radio Shack that guy said was Wii compatible.

Wired it according to instructions.

Verizon DSL home page says it's still "wireless."

Westell A-90 router.

How can I change connection to "wired"?



Re: Changing Wii connection frm wireless to wired
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Once you have the adapter connected to the Gateway, you will need to power up the Wii and visit the Wii's network settings to configure the wired adapter. It's the same processed used to connect a Wii to the Wireless network, except with fewer actual steps needed to be done on the console. Basically, go to the Wii menu, select the Wii button at the bottom of the screen, select the option for Console Settings. On page 2, you should find the network settings option, followed by three different connection settings "slots" you can store on the Wii. Pick any one of them and follow the on-screen guide.

If Wiring the Wii up doesn't resolve the streaming issue, consider checking your DSL services' speeds both in the morning and at night.

Re: Changing Wii connection frm wireless to wired
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Don't expect things to be much better when wired. Tons of people have issues esepcially during peak times with Netflix, youtube, Hulu Plus, etc..

Even I have issues during peak times and I'm on the 50/25 quantum plan wired.

This explains it.