Changing from G1100 to the new CR1000A Router from Verizon
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Hello, there was an older thread about how to bridge the G1100 in order to use your own router and just use the G1100 for the On-Demand for the STB's. In this thread user jrmonta provided these directions. My question is based on the setup provided by jrmonta. I previously have performed this setup and have everything working as described. We recently changed our Verizon Fios package and they shipped us a new router (CR1000A) with needing to ship our old Verizon Router back (G1100). Do i just need to follow the steps associated with number 1, with the CR1000A, since things are already going through my personal router as in Steps 2+?


The steps provided by jrmonta are below:

Bridge G1100 So Your Router Becomes Primary

I just finished working through setting up my own router as the primary router and using the Verizon G1100 only for Moca data to the Verizon STBs.

I agree with CRobGauth... both the accepted solution by JustinG and the Message #24 from Snapcard may result in NAT problems because by connecting

new router LAN --> WAN G1100

they are setting up a network with 2 subnets, one for each router. Even if it works, you cannot access the G1100 admin gui while being connected to your new router because you're actually outside the G1100's subnet. Here is the solution that works great for me.

1. Disconnect G1100 from ONT and connect to LAN port via ethernet to change settings so that it is no longer a router and is only a Moca bridge.

1a. Turn off 2.4 & 5 GHz wifi radios as described elsewhere

This is because I'm only using my new router for wifi clients.

1b. Disable both Wireless Access Points and Broadband Connection (Network Connections -> Network(Home/Office)-> Edit -> Settings)

Disables the WAN port because I want a "flat" network... only one subnet for all clients

1c. Disable IP Address Distribution

Turns off DHCP because only my new router will be assigning IP addresses.

1b. [OPTIONAL] Set the Network(Home/Office) IP address to a fixed value in the new router's subnet like

This is hard-coding the IP address of the G1100's LAN port. It is the IP address you will use to access the G1100 admin gui once your network is setup. It should not be in the new router's DHCP range because you don't want the new router to assign this address to another device on the network. If you don't do this then the G1100 will get assigned a random IP via DHCP from your router and you'll have to look it up in your router's gui in order to connect to the G1100 via wifi.

Apply settings and restart G1100.

2. Connect the ONT ethernet to your new router's WAN port.

New router will get its public IP address from Verizon just like the G1100 used to. You may have to release the DHCP lease from the G1100 first but that is well documented elsewhere.

2a. Setup your new router's wifi settings however you like. Its LAN IP should be so set your DHCP range to -, leaving space for the G1100's static IP (

3. Make LAN-LAN connection between your router and the G1100 via ethernet.

Router LAN <--> LAN G1100

The G1100 is now a client on your router's LAN. G1100 will not assign IP addresses and it will be a bridge so that all of its clients (the set-top boxes) will be on your router's LAN.

4. Make coax connection between ONT and G1100 and STB's.

This is the same as before. Data connection for the STB's is now as follows:

ONT <--ethernet--> Router <--ethernet--> G1100 <--moca/coax--> STB

With this setup all clients are on the same subnet.. and On-Demand,etc. works for the STB's. My next step is to replace the G1100 with a Moca adapter and stop paying the monthly rental fee.

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The majority of the steps listed here are either unnecessary or outright incorrect at this point. What kind of STB do you have?

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The STB we have hasn't changed which the model is VMS4100.

From the Verizon access point we have the COAX and ONT ethernet. Originally both of which went into the G1100. I then got two ASUS ZenWiFi AX Mesh Routers. Following the steps above has everything working. So currently have the following:

ONT <-ethernet-> ASUS ZenWiFi <-ethernet-> switch <-ethernet-> Rooms/Devices

ONT <-coax-> G1100 (bridge mode) <-coax-> Splitter <-coax-> Rooms/Devices/STB

This setup has provided the functionality that we need. But if there is a simpler/optimized set up i'm all ears.