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I had new verizon service installed at home. At the time of installation, I was not recieving the promised speed. I called in customer service, who sent out a technician to fix the issue. The technician saw that I was not getting the right speed proceeded to fix it.

After the work was complete he asked to sign a form saying that work was completed. During the whole process he never mentioned any fee. So on my first bill I was charged $170.00 extra for a technician fee. I called customer service (Miss Lee), who rudely told me that it was my responsibility to pay for the fee due to the faulty connection line that verizon had to fix.

I can't imagine the worst customer service and shady practice that verizon employ in cheating their customers. If there is a charge I should have been told at the time tech service appointment was made. Neither the technician told me about any charge. This is unethical and disgraceful.

Hopefully someone else may benefit from my experience. I will avoid all verizon service in the future.

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In situations like this it is or should be the companies responsibility to insure your service is functional at the speed you contracted for. Cable does not charge customers for repairs to their outside line issues. But will if the matter is inside the home.

in this case since you had no way of fixing an outside connection I would file a complaint or go to your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission (google the site url) and tell them it was outside on a pole and how can a company charge a repair they are responsible for. Via telling you to pay the invoice or not get repaired is extortion. And should be reported to the proper authority.

i cannot see why a company would have you pay them to fix their own outside fiber optic lines.

just do as I said.  

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