Chromecast Constant Communication with my Phone
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I have a Galaxy S3, running Android 4.3 and a Fios Actiontec rev I.

I'm having constant communication between my Chromecast and my Android phone and it's causing wakelocks on my phone (my phone won't sleep, so it's killing the battery faster).

The Plex app constantly communicating with my Chomecast and causing a wlan_rx_wake kernel wakelock.

I haven't run plex today at all and my plex server PC is off.  

I ran a network traffic logger and I see 2 entries constantly.

Kernel SRC DST is my Chromecast IP and is my phone IP.

If I force close plex, it stops temporarily, but plex soon gets loaded again and starts the communication over.

Same thing happens with the Vevo app, which is chromecast enabled as well. I've tried disabling both UPnP and IGMP Proxy, but nothing changed.

What's going on here? How can I get this to stop? It's preventing the phone from going into deep sleep.

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