Coming back with a Router

I couldn't stay with Verizon Fios because they won't offer you a deal to stay on, so I felt forced to switch to Xfinity. I'm OK with this, but my wife met a Verizon salesman a pretty great deal

Anwyay, I've bought a router through Amazon that says it is compatible with Xfinity, but nothing about Verizon Fios? Here is a link to the router.

It's a Netgear Nighthawk WIFI Cable Modem Router+ Voice (24x8) AC 1900 Dcosis 3.0 / for Xfinity Internet and Voice Services.

Will this work on the Verizon Fios network? I'm not super saavy with all this stuff.

Re: Coming back with a Router

Cable modem router? If you can split the two functions maybe.

also Fios does not use modems. And if you get tv and phone that device is totally useless.

you could also check the Netgear forum to see what others have done.

Re: Coming back with a Router
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You will want just a router not modem/router.

If you have TV service, you will probably need a Verizon router to activate the STBs.

But for Internet service only (or TV service with cablecard device) you can use what ever router you wish.

Verizon will only guarantee service performance if you use their router though.