Compiling your own Actiontec Firmware from OpenSource ActionTec firmware question

I have the Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I router with 40.21.24 firmware versionHowever, of late, I keep getting frequent disconnections - the Wifi is lost as well as Internet connectivity. The router continues to display all green lights. 

I did add a Samsung TV with smarthub recently as well as an EV that connects to the Wifi. It is set to Performance 802.11n mode. 

I don't think the problems are from adding these devices as iirc it happened before but now it happens quite a lot. I suspect maybe interference from bluetooth? Or something busted in the Verizon router? 

I checked the logs on router and it says - 

ar5416LoadNF: *** TIMEOUT while waiting for nf to load: AR_PHY_AGC_CONTROL ***

quite a bit and it seems to correspond to the times I've lost connectivity. I even changed the channels to no avail. 

Looked online and found no firmware updates. 

So, here's my question  - can I compile my own firmware from the Actiontec firmware page which seems to be opensource now and load it on the Verizon Router? I downloaded v52.0.7

I downloaded the ARM toolchain and the source code and it compiled cleanly on Ubuntu 16.04. I just had to add i386 support and all was well. 

I now have the Actiontec 52.0.7 firmware that can be loaded onto the Router. 

Question before I do it - has anyone done this before on their Verizon Redband router? Does it work without issue? 

Why doesn't Verizon support their router and provide updates? (I've bought it actually from Verizon so I own it)

If it doesn't work, hopefully I can restore older firmware. Worst case, I have to buy a new router from Verizon.

Any thoughts, comments before I embark on this? 

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Community Leader

If you have Verizon TV service with their stbs, you need to use their router with their firmware.

Or you have to set up the router per the thread on using your own router.