Complaint on Installation of Fios (Upgrade to Gigabit Connection)

I ordered the upgrade to Gigabit Connection on 12/1 and selected an install date of 12/4. The install tech came when expected. The tech had to run the ethernet cable from one side of the house, through the unfinished basement, to the other side of the house. I was extremely disappointed in how that cable was run. I have never had Verizon run a cable so unprofessionally. I is not anchored at any point to the overhead joists or, better yet, run through the existing cable runs in the joists. It is just draped across the room, tucked into the gaps between some boxes to "hold" it in place. This is a run of probably 50 feet, which would probably lie on the ground if not jammed into the spaces between boxes. Now, I have to go and rerun that line (do his work over again) and, as far as I know, cut the line to be able to pass it through proper holes in the joists, then rejoin the cable, introducing an opportunity for failure or signal degradation.

The real problem started with the lack of communication of what to expect. I was not told that a new cable (ethernet) would be necessary. Had I known that, I could have planned for it and prepared properly for the installation. Lacking any information, I assumed it would be a straight router swap. Also, I noticed that the battery backup box was removed. No information was provided about any change to that. I don't even know, now, whether I have battery back up for my landline? The tech just took the equipment with no explanation.

Very disappointed in the quality of work!

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Community Leader

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Yes you should have been informed of what was needed to be done. Verizon techs are not required to move anything like furniture or storage boxes. As far as signal degradation it is best not to run communication wire through same holes as electric. 

Verizon no longer uses the battery backup unit. They now use the new power adapter since it’s less susceptible to power surges. There is an additional D cell power tray that connects to the power adapter for voice backup. You will have to contact Verizon to send one out to you.