I'm curious as to how I file a formal complaint. I signed up for a home internet trial through verizon from one of their customer service reps that goes door to door. I was told I would receive the equipment via ups. I never received any equipment and have since moved. I go to check my credit report and see I have a collections account from verizon in the amount of $345 dollars.

I find it highly unethical to be charged for equipment I never received and services never provided. I called the debt collector company and they advised me if I were to call verizon, they would just refer me back to them. I know, along with most people, verizon has the ability to track use of their equipment and internet services. With a quick check on their end, I would assume they could see that I never activated the equipment or used it.

I'm currently looking to buy a house and now I have to deal with this hit to my credit which should have never happened. I would like this issue resolved so if anyone knows the specific department or person I need to reach out to, it would be highly appreciated if they passed that along to me.

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