Config Suggestion: G1100 + ECB6200S + Mostly Coax
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I have read a lot of helpful posts here regarding MoCA, G1100 and the ECB6200, but as I get a little deeper, I wonder if I'm over-complicating my setup or if a newer setup might be incompatible.

Pre-June 2020:

  1. Coax from ONT to 6-way splitter in basement.
  2. G1100 in basement off the coax coax splitter
  3. STBs are older Motorola QIPs, 1 DVR, 2 standard, all off the splitter form the basement.
  4. Ethernet run upstairs to Living Room, where a there's a wireless router acting as a switch.


  1. Bought a pair of Actiontec ECB6200S.
  2. One ECB6200 is in the basement next to the G1100, has coax in from the splitter, and the ethernet connected to G1100.
  3. Second ECB6200 has coax in from the splitter, in a bedroom on the second floor, and the ethernet is connected to a computer for my kid.
  4. The configuration of the ECBs are from this forum post. (with the Channel set to 1400, etc)

I have a few questions on this setup, and another change to my topology.

It was initially my understanding that I didn't need both ECBs, and that if I connect one via Coax, the G1100 should detect the ECB and bridge between the G1100 and the ECB, then I can just connect ethernet like I was connected to one of the LAN ports on the G1100 directly. I couldn't get it working that way. Not only was I not getting connectivity from the ECB, my other internet connections around the house were flaking out. When I changed the RF channel, and bridged two of them, it works great.

The question here is, is there a configuration that works with just the one device, potentially on the same RF channel as the G1100?

The next issue.

  1. My DVR died, and I'm trying to install Fios TV One. I'm suspecting that the ECBs are causing issues setting up the main box. I might have gotten a flakey box, and I'm exchanging the main TV One box, but I want to confirm whether or not my current ECB6200 setup (with RF Channel set to 1400 and the other configurations in the link above) isn't causing issues
  2. Maybe a rehash of the first question, but is there anything I need to consider with the ECB6200S devices with the Fios TV One boxes? They're all going to be connected via coax, but I still need Ethernet up on the 2nd floor. If this all fails, I'm going to end up running CAT up through the attic, and don't look forward to that chore, but might be more sane than this route.

Thank you in advance for all the help. I've found a lot of this useful, if not slightly conflicting or ambiguous at times.

Re: Config Suggestion: G1100 + ECB6200S + Mostly Coax
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As an added crinkle, I will have a Tech here on Saturday, and I will ask to have the ONT connected to the G1100 via ethernet, rather than Coax. Anything else I would need to change?

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First of all, thank you for reaching out to Verizon customers with a such detailed account of your situation.

The fact that your FiOS One box has issues may due to that it is seeing two LAN MoCA channels simultaneously and hesitates to connect to either one.

According to your situation, you CAN only use one MoCA adapter at the end of the computer. G1100's MoCA 2.0 can support link speed up to 500Mbps, which bottlenecks a gigabit broadband connection if you happen to have that.

To use your ECB6200 (1 only), just factory reset it and it should be good to pair with G1100. You can check its connection status with G1100 at G1100's LAN Coax Status page. It shows you the connection speed too.

Although ECB6200 works, it is NOT advisable to purchase because they are expensive and less productive than alternatives. One alternative is ECB5240M, sold exclusively by Verizon, which is a Bonded MoCA 2.0 adapter with 4 ethernet ports. It achieves the same speed as ECB6200 but only costs you $55, not to mention the 3 more ethernet ports you get and technical supports provided by Verizon.

The question really comes down to what speed do you want to achieve at the other end. If only 175Mbps is sufficient, why bother with MoCA 2.0? Just buy a WCB3000N for $30. It has two ethernet ports and dual-band wireless (you can disable them if you don't want to use them).

When the technician came to your house, you can ask whether you qualify for a free MoCA extender (of course depends on your house's wiring and your geographical location). If you do, the technician will probably bring you a WCB6200Q or WCB3000N, which is the end of your story and you can return those ECB6200s.

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Thanks for the reply. I seem to recall that I couldn't find the box on my LAN Coax Status page either. Regardless, I will give the single box a try, I might have just missed something in my setup. Glad to know the default settings are advised, makes it easier to reconfigure.  I can't return the boxes, as I bought them on ebay. I thought I did all the research I needed, but I guess not! It's fine though, as the price I paid for the pair was a steal.

I'm still curious if it really is the case that the MoCA adapter is causing the issue. I can find out probably as well myself.