Configuration for Moca LAN ECB6200

Current Setup

- ONT coax to 3-way splitter (5-2300MHz) to

  1. Coax cable to G1100 and TV (Tivo cablecard) in LR

  2. Coax cable to WCB6200Q FNE in basement (right next to ONT)

  3. Coax cable to WCB6200Q FNE in MBR

- 100Mbit FiOS


My Goal


Google Nest Wifi (3-unit) replacing the G1100 and the WCB6200Q FNEs.


My Plan


After much trial and error with simply replacing the G1100 with a ECB6200 (but keeping coax only for internet), my new plan is to have verizon switch to CAT-5 for the internet, move my (Google Nest Wifi) router to the basement, plugged into ONT and then create a Moca-LAN network on top of the coax being used to also transport the Video signal to the (Tivo) STB.


So, specifically, wiring from ONT:

- Ethernet to the Google Wifi router

- Coax to a 3-way splitter, in from ONT and:

  1. out to the LR (Tivo/cablecard), where another 2-way splitter sends to (a) ECB6200 and a Google Wifi AP puck and (b) the cablecard in Tivo for TV.

  2. out to a ECB6200 where ethernet is plugged in to LAN on the Google Wifi router.
  3. out to ECB6200 (or maybe I can reuse existing WCB6200Q with wifi disabled?) where ethernet is plugged into LAN of Google Wifi AP puck.


Before I call Verizon (or chat with them) and ask them to switch my ONT to from coax I want to make sure my idea here of how the Moca network is created isn't fundamentally flawed.  Specifically does it work to have an output from the 3-way splitter going to the ECB6200 (and LAN of Google Wifi) to essentially create a Moca-LAN network on the same LAN as the Google wifi network?  (I'm assuming default Moca band, etc. will work here.)

Re: Configuration for Moca LAN ECB6200
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Let me ask: what's the motive of replacing G1100 and WCB6200Q into Google Nest Wifi?

Unless Google Nest WiFi is 802.11ac 4 x 4 MIMO, I don't see an advantage here of using Google Nest WiFi.

Also, ECB6200 has compatibility problems with later MoCA versions, which would create problems down the road if you ever want faster MoCA speeds.

Re: Configuration for Moca LAN ECB6200

Primarily I'm switching to Google Wifi for the smarter+easier management features for kids' devices on schedules, etc.   Also, the coverage of the Google pucks in same location is better (I'm running them concurrently now, but have some inter-puck connectivity and double-NAT issues and looking to simplify my setup.)

But the Google Wifi part isn't really the focus of the question.  The question could be rephrased to ask whether I could move any router to the basement with CAT5 from the ONT and hook up a LAN port to a Moca adapter (ECB6200 / WCB6200Q) and have that network available on the rest of the coax network.

I think fundamentally, I'm trying to understand whether there's a true directionality to the splitters or whether they work like ethernet switches, allowing me to hook up several coax runs and then feeding those into a LAN IP network on the router using a Moca bridge to create the Moca-LAN network that uses existing coax in the house.


Re: Configuration for Moca LAN ECB6200

Circling back to close out this topic, it is indeed possible to do what I had hoped.  In the end what I did was a little different, but accomplished the same thing:

Having Verizon support switch over to ethernet from coax was easy, but time-consuming (I used chat from my cellphone).

- I started with keeping the G1100 in the picture to minimize the variables.  Moved that into the basement next to ONT and hooked up using CAT-6 from the ONT to the WAN port of the G1100.   Nothing plugged in to G1100 coax port; ONT coax still running into the LR TV (Tivo). 

- Coax from the ONT still went into a 3-way splitter:  1) to LR,  2) to MBR and 3) I now added to the third "OUT" port (I gather these ports are all really bi-directional) one of the ECB62000 MoCA bridges and plugged an ethernet cable from the bridge into one of the LAN ports of the G1100.  This would result in running a LAN network from the router over my coax.  The ECB6200 was left at the default configuration (1150MHz, matching the expected Fios MoCA LAN frequency that the G1100 would have used if it was still plugged into the coax -- this should enable the VoD/Guide/etc. if I were using a Fios STB).

- In the living room, I used a 2-way splitter to the TV (Tivo/cablecard) and to the WCB6200Q FNE which I configured to be a simple MoCA bridge by disabling wifi.  (I needed a 3rd bridge for my solution, and this works perfectly.  Note that I couldn't find a way to change the frequencies, but since I was using the 1150MHz MoCA-LAN this was compatible with the ECB6200 bridges.)

- I validated the ethernet port on the WCB6200Q was on the G1100's LAN.

- In the MBR, I installed the other ECB6200 and validated the ethernet port was working on the G1100's LAN.

- At this point I released the DHCP lease from the G1100, powered it off / removed it, and plugged in my pre-configured Google Wifi router WAN port to the ONT and the LAN port to the ECB6200.  I installed the other 2 Google Wifi points in LR and MBR into the respective MoCA adapters.

Everything connected up fine and I'm enjoying wired connectivity between the Google Wifi points and over 100Mbit UL/DL using an external speedtest from everywhere in the house and previously spotty connection areas outdoors.