Connect Coax ONT to ethernet?
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Hi.  I'd like to replace my FiOS Quantum router with a better and more powerful unit.  And stop paying the rental fees on the sub-par Quantum router. However, I also have FiOS TV and my ONT uses a coax cable to connect back to the router.  It's impossible for me to run a new cable.  Can I use an Ethernet to MOCA adapter on one end to continue to support the ONT using the coax cable?  Or perhaps I need a MOCA adapter on both ends?  Has anyone done this already?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Connect Coax ONT to ethernet?
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What you are trying to do with coax from the ONT will be somewhat difficult. You are basically going to need to add three devices in place of the G1100 Quantum router. 

  • MoCA WAN adapter 
  • MoCA LAN adapter 
  • Your personal router.

The most difficult part is finding a MoCA WAN adapter. There are two listed on  the Netgear MCAB1001(available only in pairs) and the D-Link DXN-221. Former Verizon now Frontier FiOS uses a Arris MEB1100. Using these will limit you to 100/100 mbps.

Any MoCA LAN adapter should be fine but Verizon sell the FiOS Network Adapter for $55. That is the one I use in my setup. 

Now for the wiring part you are going to take the coax connected to your Quantum router and connect it to the IN of a two-port MoCA splitter. The one OUT will go to whatever MoCA WAN adapter you decide to purchase. Next the ethernet out will go to the WAN of your personal router. Next you will take the other OUT of the splitter and connect to the coax of the MoCA LAN adapter. Then connect the a LAN port from you personal router to the ethernet port of the MoCA LAN adapter. 

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I am dealing with much the same thing.  I want to bridge the MOCA network so that I can get HS wired internet at the back of each STB.  Take a look at this drawing and see if it helps you.