Connecting DSL Modem Using USB Cable

Recently, my DSL modem (Westell 6100) has stopped working. The Ethernet light blinks despite a change in cable. Thus, I would like to attempt using the USB connection. According to this article and this article, the drivers are on the Installation CD, which I mentioned in a previous post I have.  Could you tell me where on the CD the USB drivers mentioned in the articles are located and how to install them? Also, the articles give contradictory instructions. One states to connect the USB cable to the computer prior to installation, while the other article states not to do so until told to do so.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank for your time and help.

Re: Connecting DSL Modem Using USB Cable
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Hello GMRamirez,

Thanks for utilizing the forums to get answers! We appreciate you reaching out to the community. You are correct, one of article does mention not to plug in the USB cable to the computer until you are ready to install the USB drivers (and hence make use of the USB cable). The other article merely states that the USB cable can be plugged into the modem end of the connection (In essence leaving the end that would go to the computer free and unplugged) . So although they are refering to the same USB cable, they're talking about different ends. Hope this clears it up for you!

Running the installation CD should provide you with a menu or options list where driver installation can be selected. Follow the onscreen instructions to facilitate this and you should be go to go. Good lucK! We're here if you have any other questions.