Connecting LTE Network Extender to Netgear AX1800 Extender
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I have recently replaced an older wifi extender with a Netgear AX1800.   I have plugged the LTE Network Extender into the Netgear extender.   It appears that the Netgear extender is not allowing the request/data through to the DSL router that it is connected to.   The AX1800 has limited functions to control it.  Does anyone have this setup that works?

If I unplug the cable between the Network Extender and the AX1800, the Extender shows error message 4A.  Connected, the message showing is "Connecting to Router, please wait".

Thanks in advance, Marc

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Do not connect the LTE extender into the router, plug it into the Cable or DSL Modem directly, there is no need to add the extra hop though the WiFi router. Also the Access List and other handshaking need to take place between Verizon and your Extender, this is better done directly  via the Modem. You will need to make sure your modem has DHCP enabled to provide an IP to the Extender.  On some devices you can assign a static IP to the Mac Address of the Network Extender. Then your Admin webpages will always have the same IPv4 Address. This makes it easier if you are rebooting the extender often.

Let me know if this helps.