Connecting an HP K8600 Printer to FIOS Router

I just switched from Cox Cable to FIOS and I cannot get my wireless HP K8600 printer connected to the wireless network.

I have narrowed it down to the WPS feature. The printer gives me a PIN to enter in my wireless router. There is no where I find in router software at to enter the PIN. The help sessions here say to enter the PIN in the printer - the printer gives me no option to enter a PIN (and there is no PIN on the router - I have looked everywhere).

Any help would be appreciated!

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Community Leader

Most printers allow setup either via the printer's web interface, or using the software installation program, with a Wireless network that doesn't have WPS support. Try going through that method and using SSID (Network Name) and Passphrase (WPA2 Key) for connecting.

You can also use Wired as jonjones suggested. That tends to be pretty universally reliable in the event that wireless won't work at all.


Don’t use WPS setup. It’s just trouble through and through.

if you read the owners manual for the HP printer look under connection to a network.

It seems pretty straightforward. Ethernet cable from printer to routers available LAN port.