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So what I'm trying to do is use my iPhone or Andriod phone as a webcam on my desktop computer. It's hardwired to my G1100 and my phone is obviously connected to my wifi. My issue seems to be I can't get my phone and desktop to talk back to one another for the programs I'm using. I've gotten it to work with a laptop connected to wifi, but not my desktop that's hardwired. 

I've searched all the settings on my router for any WiFi/AP Isolation settings, messed with the firewall on my computer, and played around with the settings on my router to see if something was blocking it but can't figure it out. I'm wondering if anyone here has done this and if so how they've gotten it to work. 

I want to do this so I can stream with my extra phone as my webcam on my desktop. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!  

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Let me point out that cell phones either iPhone or Android have apps in the App Store for today’s popular camera systems. I use both Ring and Arlo cameras and I just downloaded the app for both and I can view inside and outside my home with the app.

most camera manufacturers have websites where you can log in with your user name/email and password. Both Arlo and Ring have these sites.

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I would like more details.

First of all, G1100's firewall is between LAN and WAN. I am not aware that G1100 inspects and controls LAN traffic at layer 3 level. Your computer and phone both connect to G1100 and are switched at layer 2. If you can ping your phone from the desktop and vice versa, the data link is fine between your desktop and phone and rules out G1100 is causing the issue. That being said, it is kind of out of scope for this forum. But, still, I would try to help you.

What software are you using to make the camera connection? Did you receive any error messages? What kind of protocol do they use? UPnP, RTSP, IGMP, or others?