Connecting to 50% of Internet

I've had a problem since last week in which I've only been able to connect to basically some websites while I can't to others. For example: I get on to just fine and at times, but I can't get on to nor even Yes, I can get on to but not to I spoke with some reps last week that said that the problem was not on Verizon's side, which seems almost impossible to me. I know a friend who has a secure wireless connection with another company and yet, when I test his, I can get on to the same pages just fine. I really would like help with this since it is frustrating not to be able to get on to some of the sites that I need for my job as well.

I have tried:

Resetting the router. Power cycling it hundreds of times.

I use a wireless laptop as does my wife, but neither can connect to certain sites, even when we both hook up directly to the ActionTec router.

For some reason, I can play Xbox 360 online, but only with certain people when they are hosting rooms and in World of Warcraft, I can only connect to half the servers. It's an odd issue that I'd really like to solve ASAP.

Also, as of recent my FiOS TV won't list any programs at all. It just says that the information isn't available. I've only had the service for a month and it's already becoming a problem for me.

Please, help me out. I've had "techs" over the phone do the standard turn off your router and turn it back on... or the "reset your modem". It doesn't work.

I just don't understand how I can't connect to and yes to

Can anyone help me?

Re: Connecting to 50% of Internet
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Do you know what your public ip is? If it's 96.xx.xx.xx there is a known issue with those batches of ip's.