Connection issues after power outage

I had a power outage yesterday for a few hours. Upon power getting restored, I had no internet service. My gateway router had a red globe on the front. I've had this issue before and knew that resetting the ONT usually fixes the issue. Reset it and it restored connextivity, but only for about 20 minutes. I've gone through the online troubleshooter and with an online chat and always with the same result. All the lights on my ONT are on and green.  My ONT is less than 6 months old and has no BBU. There is a tech coming in 2 days but was hoping to get it resolved before that. Any thoughts?

Re: Connection issues after power outage

With power outage in areas it’s pissibl your section has spotty service since service in another area may still be down or had to be rerouted. Sometimes the issue is not at your location. Verizon tech service should be able to see where the problem lies.