Connection speed on internet for VUDU and Roku and quality questions
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At 11:40 this morning, most decidedly not prime time, when everybody is home from work, and trying to watch TV, or get on the internet, I decided to watch a movie on VUDU. I use a Roku 2 XS wired into my router with an ethernet cable, and an HDMI connection into my Song Bravia flat screen. I start Jurassic Park, which I own, and select HDX. Vudu tells me I need a connection speed of 4500 kbps to watch at that quality. No problem. I do a speed test, and right now my speed is greater than 3 times the required amount for HDX.

It stutters a few times, then I get told that I don't have sufficient network speed to watch this movie in HDX. 

I'm dumbfounded. My Roku is fully updated. I'd reset my router before loading up my movie. I ran the speed test again, this time from my desktop computer, which is hard wired into the router that the Roku is. The first test was on my laptop, wirelessly.

Look at the crazy variance in my connectivity.

We are paying $250 a month for FIOS internet and TV. You mean to tell me that for $3,000 a year, I can't watch a high def movie streaming to a 32" TV in my bedroom....on off peak hours?

This is ridiculous! 

Can somebody here suggest ideas to help this? I'm pretty tech saavy, but I'm seeing red right now, and not thinking straight. 

Thank you! 

Connection speed on internet for VUDU and Roku and quality questions
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What are the speeds on each device?