Connectivity varies/fails depending on device (gigabit home)

Hi! In the past two weeks, my connectivity (home, gigabit) has been sporadic or difficult. My main device is a 2019 MacBook Pro. Connection drops periodically but is usually self-restoring within minutes. Samsung/Android phone wifi seems fine.

However, my old (2017) Air will not connect at all. Neither will my roommate's newer (2019, current updates) Air that he needs for work. Both of these used to connect with no problems, even just a few weeks ago. Both of them can connect to phone hotspots (so they are not failing to connect generally, just to my home network). But hotspots are a band-aid at best and not sufficient speed for videoconferencing anyway.

Guidance? Or advice on how to present this problem to Fios and how it can be resolved?
Restarting modem does not seem to make a difference.
Location is Brooklyn NY.
Please LMK if more information is necessary.

thank you!

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Does your device name or the NetBIOS name contains spacebars or special characters other than dashes and underscores?

It seems like the WPA Group Rekeying takes too long. What router do you have? G3100? Did you enable WPA3 in the recent update?