Consistent Internet Droppage - 5 Techs Have Been Out To my house...


Looking for some help here as a last resort. I have had Verizon Fios Gig service for my home since June 2018. For the last four months I have experienced Internet drops at minimum three times daily. Both the WiFi and hard wired lan internet is lost for about 3-4 minutes at a time. First I will notice connection is lost, then about 30 seconds later I see the globe light indicator on the router flashing white for another 30 seconds, turn red for a second then back to flashing white until connection is reestablished. Often the drops seems to be patterned, whereas I always will have a drop between 10-11pm. Sometimes multiple. Cable is not lost when these drops occur.

Tech support always is able to verify the issue by seeing the loss of connection to the ONT so they are always willing to send a tech. As of this morning a technician came out for the fifth time. This evening the same issue occured... The tech even referred to the issue as a "Gremlin".... Outside equipment has been replaced twice, router replaced once, lan cables had new ends put on them. All of this to no effect. 

Any recommendations? Honestly my next step is to try to negotiate out of the fee for breaking contract and switch providers. 

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In all this testing did you try using your own non Fios router?

maybe you can borrow one from a friend. If you do use it and the connection stays stable then you have your culprit.

another thing can be your connection from the pole might be loose into the ONT.

is the ONT outside or inside.

yes it could also be bad twisted pair ethernet cabling. Or a loose WAN port on the Fios router. These are just guesses. 

Weather can also affect your service. Again it may be a rare occurrence but can happen. Also your connection is shared with others so that may be an issue. 

If you feel the service is unacceptable your states public service or public utilities commission may be able to either get the service repaired or to get you out of your contract. It would seem Fios is trying to fix the issue.