Constant Disconnects while playing PS4, other devices unaffected

I am having this really strange issue where i'm playing Playstation 4 and all of a sudden i would get a huge lag that'll freeze my game and disconnect me from the game and party chat. The strange thing is that all my other devices that are on my network are completely unaffected so i don't know what's happening.

Now, i've done some troubleshooting for the past 2 days and nothing has worked. I've done the following:

- Port forwarding 80, 443, 1935 and 3478-3480
- Assign Static IP to PS4
- DNS server assignments and
- DMZ Host to OFF
- Used 2 different Routers
- Tested Using LAN connection and Wi-Fi

I have my PS4 connected via LAN to my router and my router is in "Access Point mode" and it's connected to my FiOS Gateway.

Just about 2 hours ago my buddy had told me he had somewhat the same issue and all he did was factory reset his router and modem (has fios as well) and it resolved the issue. I factory reset my Netgear WNR2000v3 router and my FiOS G1100 gateway and still didn't work. I am really really irritated and clueless as to whatelse can help with this issue. Can someone PLEASE help me???