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It's time to renew my FIOS contract, but I have a couple questions.

All of the deals they are offering me include a route rental. I obviously don't want to do that. Is it better to just do it online then call and drop it, or call and tell them i want the deal but without the router rental and i'll return the old router and just use my own? I was smart enough to have the electrician when he upgraded the house run ethernet out to the ONT. 

Has anyone tried using an Ethernet to MoCA adapter in place of a FIOS router? I have one and I was wondering if it would work for the Cable Box I have. 

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Community Leader

You can use your own router.
There is a thread at the top of this forum on how to use your own rotuer with FIOS TV.

Read through it.
If you are comfortable with the instructions, then go ahead and drop the router rental.

You can also purchase a verizon router instead of paying the rental.