Converting from 100/100 to Gigabit

I am planning to switch from 100/00 to Gigabit and had a few questions about the process. I have Fios Internet ad TV. I have a G3100 router and I am not sure about my ONT. I know that, ideally, I will have to run ethernet from the ONT to the router, where I currently have Coax running. My questions are more about the TV. I think I read somewhere (but not sure where) that the cable box gets its programming info from the Coax signal and that the Ethernet signal does not carry this info. As far as remember, a single Coax cable runs up to my bedroom from the ONT and then splits to go to the G3100 and to my master cable box. With Gigabit would I still have the Coax running to the cable box or does it use a different box type or connection? Would I need additional hardware and is it included in the switchover? 


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