Could DHCP lease renewal break connection when using personal router?
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I have tried this with Two routers yesterday (Netgear Nighthawk and TP-link Dec X60).

Both of those work fine when setup, but about every two to three hours, lose connection. Stays that way for long enough to get frustrated and reboot, and its fine.

I haven't been home long enough to systematically test and document EXACT durations, and had to be up and running last night for work, but the only thing i could think of was that the DHCP lease expiry time is about 2 hours?

I've tried asking VZ who points me to the router manufacturer, and they obviously point at VZ.

Any help troubleshooting appreciated, since i cannot obviously keep restarting every 2 or 3 hours

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I set my rented Gateway router to bridge mode and attached my own Synology router last weekend and had EXACTLY this issue. Every two hours internet would cut out for about 10 minute. I know the timing precisely because my home alarm system texts me when it has to switch to cellular backup. I too suspected a DHCP lease issue. Looking at the lease time on my router, I saw that it was set for 24 hours. I changed it to 1 hour and have had no issues since. Good luck. 


This may assist you at the link below.

you need only look in your routers owners manual for the correct section to change it.

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Thank you both for your responses.

Turns out the the TP-link deco app does not have an option to set lease time. I adjusted the lease time on the G110 to 1 hour. ANd that looks like it gave me a 24-hour connection time.

But i am still puzzled with the whole thing - isn't the DHCP lease assigned by the router TO ITS clients? In other words, if my setup is ONT-> G1100-> TP-Link, the settings for DHCP lease on the G1100 should dictate how long the deco's lease lives, right?

So by changing the DHCP lease interval on the Deco shouldn't matter how long its connected, but rather it's own clients?

Anyway, the frustration continues - i'm likely going to return the deco and find another one...