Crawling download speeds / uploads at rated or above?
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Longtime FiOS user, and service has been rock solid the vast majority of that time.

In the last couple of days, download speeds have come to a crawl, then a complete stop, and at times better.  Yet the speedtest shows upload speeds at or above rated (we have 25/25 service) the entire time.  The best download speed I've seen in the last few days has been 7 Mbps.  It's been as low as 2 Mbps.

I've tried the chat tech support, and we did the usual resets, identify modem, etc.  The rep on chat was very helpful, but brought in network support advice when the usual attempts didn't work.  There advice was to upgrade to the new modem for a fee.  We have the old revision D Actiontech MI424, but know that it gave great DL speed just days ago, and will still give great upload speed.  Today when I got 7 Mbps down I got 27 Mbps up.

I'm using only the Verizon speed test for numbers since trying support, but all test show the same trend, that being download about 1/5 the speed of uploads.  Ethernet connection, no other activity on the service during the tests.  I've checked all coax and ethernet connections both inside and outside.

Frustration is mounting trying to get support to do something.  I understand upsells, but if I'm paying for a service that includes equipment I would think a trip out by a tech would be automatic.

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I would first try using another computer to make sure that you computer isn't the issue. If multiple computers have same results it could be either the router or the ONT. That is the main box on the outside of your house or in your basement. If that is bad there wouldn't be a charge to fix that. As far as the router if that is bad there's is nothing Verizon can do but charge you for a new one as the D version router is longer available or supported. You can also try plugging router's WAN connection directly to you computer and see if you are still getting low speeds. That would rule out the router as the problem.

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The reply is appreciated.

The computer is ruled out, same results on another box.  Speeds are still all over the map, and now it appears upload speeds are lower as well, in the 10 Mbps range.

I was under the impression the WAN port on the router was input only.  Or were you suggesting running input from the ONT to the router via the WAN and an ethernet cable?

If it comes down to it, I'm willing to try another router.  I've just discounted it as a culprit due to having much more speed at times.  I don't want to buy or lease another router and still have the low speeds.


All coax connections at the ONT and splitter look fine and are clean.

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Same problem. Measured directly via wired Ethernet at the router: download about 12 Mbps, upload 25 Mbps. The usual reboot sequence does not make a difference.


Both of you can do the following.

1- first turn off your routers and count to 30 plug back in and then test again. Now if this does not help you are going to have to do.

2- hit the reset button on the router and start off from fresh. You will have to set the router up again, which depending on your devices may take some time. It resets router back to day one so the original login and password will apply.

3- turn off every device you have connected to your network and after you do either of the steps 1-2 above wait and tests again after everything is back online.

4- which I would actually do first is call 1-800-VERIZON and ask for tech support, ask them to test the speeds from their service up to your ONT and router. If the speed is there as provisioned then you have narrowed it down to your equipment.

if it’s your computers, tablets, desktops it could be a setting on these devices.

the speed of what you are speaking of should even work at by Ookla either via ethernet or WiFi although Verizon Fios only accepts their own speed test site. Google it.

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I just wanted to update for anyone searching similar issues in the future.

After failed attempts to get a tech out to our home before trying another router, we had a new router sent to us.  The same issues existed with the new router.  When I called again they sent a tech that day, and he spent most of the day replacing things that failed to fix the issue.  New ONT, new inside box, and ran an ethernet line to the modem.

It turned out to be a PON card issue on the network side.  The tech had suspected that early on, but they would not reboot the card until he went through the steps and did some testing at the ONT.  What made this even more strange is that for some reason we are the only home on that PON card.  So a reboot/reset would not have interupted any service other than ours, which wasn't working.

I'm not 100% sure all issues are resolved.  Once they reset on the network side internet was fine, both with the new modem or the old.  But twice now we've had dropped internet, and/or loss of the channel guide, and it's happened with both modems.

For now I'm going to keep the new rented modem until we sort out all issues.  But it's rather frustrating to have to rent equipment when I told them on the first call that we would replace anything the tech determined to be faulty, and were willing to pay for the service call if it was a router or anything not in our contract.

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Also a quick question since I am not quickly finding it.

How is a post marked as "Solved"?

Though I appreciate the input of the post, those thing had all been done and the issue wasn't solved.  I could not get Verizon to check anything to the ONT or router until we had another router.  They had stated on the first call that they could not see the router, thus had strong indications that there was a problem on their end.

As stated in the original post, we've had fiber from Verizon for some 10 years, and hardly a hiccup in that time.  I'm not upset that service can't always be 100% for years on end, but do think that a more logical troubleshooting/service path should be available.  We ended up with a tech at our home the good part of a Sunday being paid overtime, when the problem should have been detected and tested on the other end before even sending said tech out.

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How is a post marked as "Solved"?

Hi Signmaster,

As the opening poster you can mark or unmark a post as the solution using the options menu within the selected post (gear icon at upper right corner).


I believe I had the same issue.  My internet became unusable last week. showed a download speed of 0.51 Mbps and an upload speed of 23 Mbps.  Most of the time the Verizon speed test wouldn't run because the page wouldn't load.  When I finally got it to run, it took several minutes to run.  When it finished, it claimed my download speed was normal but my upload speed was low.

I spend way too many hours with tech support.  Every time they claimed the speeds they were seeing were fine and they didn't see any issues on their end.  They scheduled a tech to come out 11 days later.

Then,  6 days after the problem began, and still 5 days before the scheduled tech visit, it magically fixed itself.  Based on your comments and others I've read, I believe it was a PON issue on their end.  I'm disappointed that after all these years of this issue, the Verizon techs still aren't able to identify the issue. 

And on a side note, it annoys me that the phone support tries to upsell me while my service is out.  They claim that the issue could be my router or that I have a lot of devices connected (after I tested 2 routers with only 1 pc attached via ethernet and had the same issue)