Customer Serivce complaints

I needed to get a box for a new TV and they said they could charge me $20 to mail one or I could pick it up at the local Verizon office, I found it a little ridiculous they wanted to charge to send me a small box.  They gave me the address of the closest one to me which was on Wisconsin Ave in DC, I get to the address and a security guard in the shopping mall said that it closed down a long time ago and he said people come in every day looking for it, he had a note with a different address on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda, so I drive a couple more miles and its a Verizon store, but not for FIOS a mobile phone store and the people in there told me this happens all the time and a manager there finally new waht was up and tld me I had to go to Wheaton. So I drive all the way to Wheaton and there are 20 people waiting, there were people lying on the floor. You have to sign in and then they call your name and I looked at the list and it was almost noon and there were about 12 names before mine and the last one checked off was an hour previous, so it looked like it was going to be at least an hour wait, from the looks of it possibly two. 

Seriously how does Verizon not have the proper info when you call?   I seriously regret switching from Comcast.