Customer service is miserable
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I called a couple of weeks ago to schedule my move. I was told at that time I just had to bring my equipment and the service would switch as soon as I turned it all on. this did not happen. So i called verizon and was told they had no record of my order to move. The technician then told me he has put the order in and it would stop at the old place and start at the new place at midnight. this was annoying and worrying because I work from home and had to work the next morning. I was not in a trusting mood and had no faith the service would work.

I set an alarm for 2am and got up to check. the Cable was working but the internet was not. of course I like TV but I RELY on the internet working to get my job done.

I called customer service and was told there was a "pending issue" on my bill and i would need to speak to billing after 8am! He could not tell me what the issue was or why it affected my internet but not TV. 

The Call Service person was obsessed with verifying who i was even though I was calling from a phone that is registered on my account and had provided and identifying pin that was texted to me. he asked my acct number, phone number, name, address, etc; all questions i had to answer just to get to speak to him. Apparently there is a rash of imposters trying to fix others' service at 2am. 

Frustrated i went to sleep. when i woke up at 6am the internet was working.

so, in summary, they lost my original work order, could not start my service when i

needed it, gave me incorrect information at 2am.

I do want to stress that, however wrong each of these call service script readers were, they were all very polite.