D-Link 2750b Modem constantly loses connection
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Since I have had Verizon High Speed Internet Service, we lose connections to all our wired and wireless devices in our house a couple of times a day. It always resolves immediately after unplugging the power to the D-Link. I have spent countless hours on the phone with technicians. The internet light is still lit on the D-Link when I lose connectivity, and the wired Ethernet does not work either. Unlplugging the D-Link always works, but this is inconvenient because it is located upstairs in a bedroom. What are my options? I am perfectly willing to buy my own router if need be.

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Since the Internet light is lit, I'm assuming it's remaining lit green, along with the DSL light, correct?

Have you tried pinging the D-Link and an Internet website to see where a connection problem could be? Using a Terminal or Command Prompt on your computer while your connection is down, run the following command:


This command will ping a server out on the Internet and prove whether or not the Internet connection itself is actually working in a sense. Next, without rebooting the modem, do the following:


I'm assuming that the IP address of the D-Link is like the rest of the Verizon modems. This proves that your computer has an active connection to the D-Link, and the D-Link hasn't gotten into a state where it has either crashed or locked up.

Some other notes, if the D-Link is crashing (does not respond to ping until after it is rebooted), start off by giving the device a factory reset. In addition, be on the lookout for connection heavy applications. Torrent clients, and even gaming applications like Steam's Server Browser (if not rate capped) can cause a Gateway to crash if too many connections are made in a short period of time. Also, if you have a device trying to upload data at too fast of a rate (for example, if you have 768kbps of upload but an application is trying to force 8Mbps out), this could be causing the Gateway to crash. Lastly, make sure the Gateway is getting a clean power source. Shoddy power causes stuff like this to lock up all the time.

If the connection is physically down, where the first ping command does not return anything, but the second ping command does, visit the D-Link's web interface which is usually at to see if the status page shows anything out of the ordinary.

If you need login information, try:







admin/Router's Serial Number as printed on the back of the device.

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In event you get this response and came up with a solution...

Same problem here: was required to accept "new" ancient technology D-Link 2750B to replace more ancient modem that gave me no trouble for years. Have done all usual troubleshooting; get really tired of people suggesting to reboot modem, do factory-reset, etc. Already spent hours doing that. Problem affects three computers, each of which had no problems prior to new modem/router. Diagnostic says drop usually is between modem and ISP, sometimes at ISP. Router is a piece of junk - weak signal, can't handle a USB printer, plays bad with existing bridged Airport Express (had to take it out of system). Support techs are dumber than posts.

Now looking to leave Verizon if not resolved soon.

Re: D-Link 2750b Modem constantly loses connection
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