DHCP lease
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I just completed replacing my G1100 as a main router with a TP-LINK 6. The G1100 is still in setup to support FIOS TV services. All seems well and I released the DHCP as instructed on this forum.  For some reason the G3100 SSID is still broadcasting and I can still login.  Was I supposed to turn that off when I logged in to the router or did I not disconnect the G1100 quickly enough and it was reassigned another DHCP? Thanks for any insight

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That post on the Forums is out of date. We the CLs will update them in the near future.

With the new Fios TV One boxes, you cannot use a non-Verizon router without losing substantial Fios TV functions. When don’t you bridge your TP-Link and use the G1100/3100 as the primary router? What features in the TP-Link are you specifically looking for?