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Could someone please help me?  I live about 2 miles out of town and about a quarter of  mile from me, one of my neighbors can get DSL.  Now we don't get DSL because Verizon tells us that the lines out by us are too old to sustain DSL.  And my cable company says the same thing.  I want to know if Verizon plans on doing something so DSL will become available where I live.  Please it would be nice if someone from Verizon could tell me.

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How far out of town you live, and the distance from your neighbor really don't matter. What counts is the distance from you to the Central Office that the copper pair travels.  Currently the upper limit is around 3 miles. This is further qualified by the requirement that your lines have no loading coils on them. You might try to find out from Verizon just how long the copper pair is.

If you are beyond the 3 miles, or there are loading coils, you are probably out of luck, and the choices are wireless, or Sat Based service such as Hughesnet, Wildblue, SkyWay and Starband.

They are going to cost 2-3 times what DSL costs, for less speed, and generally come with traffic limits.

If you are extremely lucky, there might be a Wi-Max provider in the area, and that would also work.

As for Verizon upgrading the copper pair. I'd rate the prospects as nil. I don't think Verizon is going to spend another dime on copper pairs unless they have too.  In fact they have been trying to sell off wired systems in smaller markets (Fairpoint and Frontier).

As long as your voice telephone service is toll quality, nobody has the authority to order them to spend the money.

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Don't get me started.  We have nothing in our area at all.  Verizon phone lines are crap, the cell service is atrocious and of course they claim we are too far from the office.  It's all garbage and lies.  We are not too far at all.  We live near the MD/PA line inside MD.  My neighbors only a few hundred feet away, but in PA, have their choice of Cable and DSL (no FiOS yet).  Don't believe a word they tell you.

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Every time I call tech support I get a different answer as to what speed I can get.Seems Verizon can't give a straight answer.Even the tier three techs and supervisors can't give a solid answer.They are sorry that I am getting disinformation but no one is held accountable,basically the apologies don't mean anything because they are not interested in customer service being accountable to anyone.Maybe you could look into a satellite provider.


I live just outside auburn Ny by 3 miles to the east, to the north 1 mile away is a small town with a church and a firehouse, to the west about 2 miles away  is another small village with a church and firehouse and to the south about 1.5 miles away with nothing just farm land. 3 miles to east dsl and fios, to the west dsl, to the south (farmland) fios, to the north (TDS telephone) little tiny phone co DSL. now my father lives to the north about 12 miles away from the main phone and has DSL with no problems. He lives extremely rual, no water, no village services period. his neighbors are few and far unless you count the cows in the pastures. how is it I live surrounded by verizon on 3 sides 2 of which have fios, I cant even get DSL? 1 way the has fios has less of a population where I live? dont get it?

I was told you have to be within 2500 feet of a box? well I sit here looking at a box right across the road from my house. why cant I get it again?

called support and they said within 24 hours guaranteed someone would be in touch and out to check box? no here going on 48 hours. Also told they were planning on launching fios everywhere. good idea putting to the south for the cows first?

this is crazy little po dunk tds can offer dsl to all their customers no prob's big ol verizon cant? the reason maybe holding off new dsl customers till launch of fios? (kinda heard that through a employee scource) big buisness waiting till they can offer their all in one package instead of just what they have now?

either way I need high speed internet and think it is unfair to pay the higher wireless rates (with usage limits) and satalite is just crazy anyone who signs up for that.

come on verizon dont let a little farm town phone co out do you the giant

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Yea, I mean to one direction a certain cable company offers all their stuff including DSL, and to the other direction a different company offers DSL and in the third direction is another company.  So basically I'm in a Bermuda Triangle for DSL, It's ridiculous because I know that there would be many people who would buy it out here.  Also I hate when I check availability on a website and it says I can get DSL, but when I call they say we can't get it.  And satelite is too expensive and bad service.