DSL Connection NOT working for 4 days!!!! HELP!!!

Does anyone know if Ivan Seidenberg is the current CEO for Verizon.  I have been fighting with Verizon High Speed Internet Customer Service since Thursday of last week because my service is down.  I have been getting the run around since then.  One person tells me they're putting a ticket in and I should receive a phone call within 24 - 48 hours.  The time elapsed so i call on Friday, they tell me that there is no ticket.

I am so dissatified with them.  You call customer service and although you press #1 for English you still get someone that doesn't speak the language clearly!

Does anyone know how I can cut through this red tape.  I've been calling since Thursday with NO SATISFACTION.

Re: DSL Connection NOT working for 4 days!!!! HELP!!!
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Yes Ivan Seidenburg Is still the CEO.

Verizon claims they are dedicated to providing great customer service. They also state they are willing to go to arbitration/mediation to solve any problems.  Contact the BBB for arbitration/mediation options.