DSL (Dysfunctional Service LIne) - Service is Intermittent or Non-existent in the evening
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We have had DSL for a few years.  When we first signed up, the service was quite reliable.  We started having problems with drops a few months ago.  As we were about to look into other possibilities, service got better for a while.  It is currently worse than ever.  Service drops out at least once or twice an hour and usually much more often during the evening hours.  Sometimes it drops out three for four times in a fifteen minute time period.  This is horrible service.  We are obviously looking into some other type of service.  However, due to our rural location, we do have only one or two alternatives.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I gather from reading the forums that we are not alone.  This seems to be a widespread problem.  It seems that Verizon needs to address this issue or Verizon customers need to start a mass exodus from the service.  Maybe the exodus is a bad idea as it would make the remaining customers think that Verizon was improving access which it clearly is not.

The problem is not in our computers, phone lines, or routers.  The problem is in Verizon's service.  C'mon Verizon - get it together.

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If your only choice for Wireline that is economical is DSL, let's absolutely aim to get the DSL fixed up. Unless your area has a good WISP chances are you'll be asking for pain and suffering dealing with Wireless or Satellite solutions (not literally, but literally).

To start, let's see what we can do to determine where the drop-outs are coming from. If you could, please post up your modem's Transceiver Statistics. If you don't know how to get this information just let us know so we can help. In addition, is each drop-out accompanied with a change in your connection speeed, or does the occurrence of disconnects vary with how congested or used DSL is (basically, how slow it goes during evening hours)?

If you have Telephone service with Verizon, not Verizon Wireless or another wireless or VoIP carrier, do you hear static, buzzing, or humming on your line during calls during the times the DSL is prone to dropping out or does the line sound clear when you kill the dial tone?

This information should give us some ground to start on.


Is there a resolution for this? My DSL was fine until 27 November then it went to crap and has remained there since. I have called DSL tech support every evening and became a pain in the backside but the problem still exists. It was better than the satellite, but now it sucks that I can't get online in the evening.