DSL, FIOS Anything would be appreciated.

Rural landline and wireless customer.  Verizon landline technitions installed a new verizon switchbox within 500 feet of my house.  I asked the installer if this new switchpack would be internet capable...Answer yes.  I wait and wait and wait and call and call..." Im sorry sir, your area has no internet availability."   I see the tech at a restaurant and ask him why...He says They won't let us put the internet module in due to lack of available customers.  Ill pay what it takes.  Please install internet for these rural customers.  You will get paid for the effort.  Sometimes too big isn't good.  Verizon is just too big.  Pretty dissapointing.

Re: DSL, FIOS Anything would be appreciated.
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Do you have a photo of what they put in? Might help us figure out what kind of hardware Verizon put in. For Rural areas, if FiOS isn't in the future, DSL could show up as Verizon scraps DSL equipment from areas with FiOS. Otherwise expect a wireless solution as Verizon ramps up their 5G builds.