DSL Internet Connection Frequently Drops Throughout the Day

Starting just over a week ago, one my four computers (running Win 10) started experiencing frequent dropped connections to our Westell modem / router.  The connection would be good for about an hour at a time and then drop.  It would not reconnect right away, but later in the day it would be fine again.  I have updated the wireless adapter and run Win 10 networking diagnostics which all pass.  Now another Win 8 system is also having the same problem.  The modem is between 9 and 10 years old.  I would like to schedule a tech to check out the modem and DSL line. 

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Hello bowlerguy,

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What modem do you have now? If it's just the modem but other devices are staying online, you can actually call Verizon and ask to have another modem sent. They should be able to hook you up with a new ActionTec or D-Link device.

Stuff like the Westell 327w or Westell 7500 are getting pretty long in the tooth these days. Had to replace a 7500 for a friend of mine who was seeing similar behavior. I gave them an ActionTec GT784WNV I had in a closet, which solved their problems.