DSL ... Not available at my address unless I move to my own address.

I've been told since I bought my house that I couldn't have DSL though Verizon because it was not available in my area.  My neighbors all have Verizon DSL, including the ones immediately across the street. 

When I'm logged into Verizon.com I am told that I can't have DSL, it's not available in my area.  When I log out of Verizon and tell it my address, it says that I CAN have DSL. 

When I type in my home address I get two addresses.  They are identical except for the first one listed includes "Lot 19" in the address ....It states that on Lot 19 there is no available DSL.  The second address I click on, the one without "Lot 19"  says that high speed internet is available and allows me to purchase DSL.   I'm assuming that my current account is listed as Lot 19. 

I'm about to just tell Verizon that I'm moving, but I don't want to lose my phone number or Directv set up.  Apparently my Verizon home phone number can't be transferred to Verizon.

Beyond frustrated.  Talking to people on the phone or chat I'm just told "oh you can't have DSL because it says so on your account."  Nobody tries to help. 

Re: DSL ... Not available at my address unless I move to my own address.

I feel your pain. How about my situation. I have 2 lines in my house. One was for the sole purpose of internet when I had dialup so we didn't tie up the one line. I'd now like to eliminate the line I have DSL on and switch it to my other number to save on cost but Verizon says DSL isn't available on that line so it can't be switched. How's that for funny? Two lines, same house, DSL not available on one but I already have it on the other.