DSL - Please ! - - CSC says they can't sell it to me ???
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Can anyone assist or please explain - so that my feeble little can understand, what Customer Service and Tech told me not 4 hours ago

We live out in the country, and recently a new Hub was installed, thus my neighbor was able to get and has DSL now - and the Tech who installed his service said there is no reason the rest of us should also now be able to get the DSL service, perhaps not enhanced, but at least the standard Hi-Speed.

CSC and Tech's have told me - as I've run out of options and have called and gotten multiple - "Answers" from:

1 ) Yes, it's available but we can't sell it to your location - - ??? What ???

2 ) Yes, it available, but it's all full, and perhaps once a port frees up you can be hooked up - when TBD - - What???

3 ) Per the web site, service is not available ???

4 ) Yes, we have Fibre running on the main road, and Yes, we ran a New line to your home 8 years ago when you have a dedicated dial up line, but no we don't see anytime in the future when it can be hooked up ????

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So - - I truely don't understand, Cable is not in our area, and that's ok, but, DSL and that fact we are less that 1 mile from two hub, and repeaters on the pole and I have service techs stating we should be able to get service.

anyone have any thoughts, or an email or phone number of someone other than front line CSC who might be able to help ???

Running internet on an Aircard, yeah I know.

All assistance is appreciated.

I suspect we need to have an Actual On-Site survey performed, versus Pinging our location from the central office - just a thought,


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Welcome to the forum!

It seems to me that the capability of the DSLAM that provides the service to your neighbor is maxed out, hence no new service is available.

I went through the exact same problem, my friends across the street got DSL a year before one became available for me.

BTW, DSL circuits can't use repeaters. That's why many locations (mine included) that are far away from the actual CO are being fed from remote DSLAMs.

If you go to T-1 shopper website, you'll find what broadband options exist in your area, as well as how far from CO you actually are.

Good luck.

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Thank you to everyone who has replied an shed some light on this - - for me,

makes total sense, I have placed myself on a waiting list - perhaps when the two houses beside me disconnect their DSL, that should free up a couple ports - - one form me hopefully.

my fingers are crossed at this juncture - - Verizon is typically very helpful, this was simply frustrating.

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DSLAM = Digital Subscriber Line Access Module.

1. They may still have to 'qualify' your line before they can sell.

2. The DSLAM is full. They don't have all that many ports to start with.

3. The web site is notoriously slow at being updated.

4. Well, Fiber and Copper are two different things. Also, that Copper line wasn't run to the Hub, but somewhere else, correct? So maybe your copper goes some other place than your neighbor across the street.