DSL Speeds Cut In Half
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And I think I know why.

A few weeks ago we had bad weather that took out the phone completely. After the weather passed we still had an outage. We called Verizon, they sent somebody out and the way he 'fixed' the problem was by changing our short outage line to the neighbors line. He said 'They have FiOS and didn't need it'. Um... ok? Now, many questions:

1) Would him changing out line to the neighbors line affect our speed? Because before the outage my speeds were at 300 (give or take 10) Kbs download, and after he changed it our speeds went to 150 (give or take 10) Kbs download.

2) Was he suppose to do that? Seems a bit shady, especially if a different Verizon tech comes out, sees that our line isn't suppose to be there and replaces it back to our broken, original one.

3) And yes, before you ask I did everything to try and fix the speed: disk clean-up, anti-virus, malware scan, speed tests, clear cache, reboot, restart modem, ect... Nothing has worked so far, and the problem started when the Verizon tech changed our line.

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If the new line he moved you to is in good shape, then that shouldn't affect your speed at all. If the new line is for some reason a longer run or is in a state where it could hold less capacity before your original line went south, then yeah that can affect your speeds.

As to whether or not the tech was allowed to do that, in most cases it's not a bad thing to do. If a pair is spare (unused for good), then it's acceptable. In some areas, there are only enough pairs for each home to have two. The pairs are spliced and labeled in such a way that indicates a home should only use "these" pairs. If the pairs go bad, they're bad. If they can't be repaired, that's the breaks of the game. Moving to other pairs would actually compromise the seal of the entire cable. In areas like mine, what the tech should have done, is moved you to FiOS.

If you can post your DSL modem Transceiver Statistics, we can see what the problem may be, if it's with the line. Verizon uses an Optimizer system which decreases DSL speeds if it detects the line is running poorly or routinely dropping out. It's possible the Optimizer dropped your speed around the time of the tech visit due to your bad circuit.

Re: DSL Speeds Cut In Half
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Gateway ParameterStatus

Firmware Version:
Model Number:
Serial Number:
{edited for privacy}
WAN MAC Address:
{edited for privacy}
Downstream Rate:
Upstream Rate:
PPP User Name:
ISP Protocol
1483 via DHCP
Gateway IP Address:
(my ip)
DNS Address #1:
DNS Address #2:
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You can find the statistics at Status > DSL Status if this is an ActionTec. You're looking for information like SN Margin and Attenuation to display on the page.

Re: DSL Speeds Cut In Half
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PPP Status

PPP Parameter Status

User Name:N/A
Authentication Failures:0
Session Time:0 Days, 00H:00M:00S
Packets Sent:N/A
Packets Received:N/A

Broadband Status

Broadband Parameter Status

Broadband Mode Setting:ADSL2+
Broadband Negotiated Mode:ADSL2+
Connection Status:CONNECTED
Downstream Speed:1504 Kbps
Upstream Speed:445 Kbps
Retrain Timer:0 Days, 0H:23M:43S
ATM QoS class:UBR
Near End CRC Errors Interleave:0
Near End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
Far End CRC Errors Interleave :0
Far End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Near End CRC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Far End CRC Fastpath :N/A
Near End RS FEC Interleave :0
Near End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
Far End RS FEC Interleave :0
Far End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave :57
30 Minute Near End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End FEC Interleave :0
30 Minute Far End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream :0
30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream :0
SNR Downstream :17 dB
SNR Upstream :24 dB
Attenuation Downstream :53 dB
Attenuation Upstream :26 dB
Power Downstream16.3 dBm
Power Upstream

12.2 dBm

Re: DSL Speeds Cut In Half
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That's what I'm looking for. Thanks!

The attenuation is showing to be a bit on the high side, although there does look to be room left on that circuit to get it back to 3Mbps. Try talking to Verizon support on chat and ask them to re-provision the circuit to 3Mbps from 1.5Mbps. There's no billing difference between the two speeds, and they will probably argue that your speeds are acceptable. The trick is to just be persistent in the request, and at worst case, ask them to have MCO reprovision the circuit again.

While you're at it, ask that the ASSIA Optimizer be disabled on your connection. That will drop your speeds, and your current sync rate suggests the line is being "optimized" by the system.