DSL Speeds are horrible/Have to reset modem constantly

I'm paying for "enhanced" High speed DSL. Began service in February and had blazing 2.5 Mbytes....now down to 1.25 Mbytes. Every day we experience the slighest inclement weather (sometimes just a cloudy day)....I have to constantly reset my modem due to lost service. Rainy/stormy days that mght happen 4 or 5 times a day. I'm so sorry I dropped Comcast cable internet....yes it was expensive but it was always there and had good speeds. I'm terribly disappointed with Verizon...and my wife hates it. Our land line is always fine but DSL comes and goes constantly!! I refuse to contact customer service again...never any help and usually someone I can't understand from the Indian subcontinent. Going bck to Comcast ASAP.

Re: DSL Speeds are horrible/Have to reset modem constantly
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Once the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) falls below a certain point the DSL modem loses synch. It could be a number of issues causing it to drop. You need micro-filters on every phone except the DSL modem. The Alarm System also needs a micro-filter. It could be bad internal wiring or jacks. It could be a bad DSL modem. Lastly it could be a bad cable outside on Verizon's end. If you have a NID (Network Interface Device) you can plug your DSL modem in there and see if you lose synch. If you don't then the problem is in your house. If you do then the problem is on Verizon's side.