DSL Tech support or lack there of

  I had hope they stop out sourcing the DSL tech . Support jobs over seas, half  the time you can't hear the tech,and they get very mad if you can't (  they talk so fast you )  understand them,  if you ask to talk to a supervisor they tell you they are the supervisor sound like a really bad connection to Bangladesh or India,They gave the same  i.p.n.  address to several customers and they could see it. I just just wish that Verizon would hire more Americans for tech. Support jobs in this country The service used to be really great ,but this past year and a half it has really been going down hill and they don't want to hear it or do anything about it ,I don't use internet for paying anything because of the lack of good quality  tech. Support service. They might be great for big business,but India is run on the cast system if your not big business or a big CEO you are an untouchable and they won't  give you good service. You can't give  kudos to the ones that try to give good service and you can not report the bad ones because their is no one to get in touch with,Time Warner cable DSL. Is not much better With all the Vet that need jobs you'd think they could trained them for tech  jobs . Here in the good old U. S. Of A. , and Let India and Pakistan ,Bangladesh service their own country They need to learn to Articulate their words and not run them all together.

Re: DSL Tech support or lack there of
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Yes, and they hand up on you too, especially when they don't know what to do to fix the problem.  Honestly, Verizon is the worst company that I have had to deal with that is still in business.  The last one that I dealt with that was this bad was Circuit City.  They went out of business.  Yes, hire more Americans.  Verizon is a crap company and should be ashamed of themselves.  Of course the CEO's pay themselves millions of dollars while they outsource the jobs that should be going to middle wage Americans to the Phillipenes.  Verizon sucks.