DSL Ticket unresolved
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Today is Thursday, August 18, 2016 and ticket {edited for privacy}, opened on Monday, August 15, 2016 (after a servere speed slowing first noticed early Sunday morning), is still unresolved.

On Monday, after speaking to representative, Verizon admitted there is a "problem with a switch in area code 703 that started on Saturday" that is causing my DSL speed to slow down to approximately 200Kbps instead of the usual 1.2Mbps and that is hit-or-miss depending on whether speedtest.net times out or actually runs (even partially).

I was told on Monday that the problem would be resolved in 24-48 hours (sometime after 5:00 PM EDT) and that I would receive an SMS text message when the problem was fixed.

On Wednesday, around 5:00 PM,  when service was still the same as it was when I called on Monday, I called back to get an update on the ticket and was told it would be another 24 hours.

I consider this situation an "outage" because, let's face it, 200Kbps internet speed is like watching grass grow when trying to perform simple tasks like online banking or retrieving email (in plain text form).

Can anybody shed more light on why it is taking so long to make the repairs to "the bad swtich"?

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Re: DSL Ticket unresolved
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I had another thread on dsl out for several weeks. It was on briefly and now back out. I submitted a ticket 8-14-16 and called today to follow up. Was told today it was closed without being resolved. New ticket opened today. I feel your pain. I've had the Internet for less than a week since June 1. Field tech said batteries in the box are no good, but corporate office won't approve replacing them. I don't know who or what to believe. Wish I had a choice to choose another provider.