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I had Verizon DSL service from like 2009 to 2015 and it worked great, dare I say flawlessly. Had to go to Poland for a few years, so disconnected the service.  When I returned in 2019, re-subscribed, etc.  This time there’s a very evident flaw with the Verizon-provided modem/router/whatever.   The connection drops intermittently, requiring a reboot (either hard or through the admin website hosted on the router.  After a few years of painstaking frustration, I think I may have narrowed the problem down to what seems like a plausible root-cause.  I keep an eternal ping running, hitting verizon.com and monitor that continuously.  The pattern I’m experiencing is indicative of two or more customers on the same circuit from the CO rebooting their routers back-and-forth, as though the boot sequence on customer A’s modem is kicking customer B’s modem offline.  When customer B reboots, it in turn kicks customer A’s modem offline.  This can continue for several minutes or more, until both modems are rebooted within maybe 5 or 10 seconds of each other, and they are both able to come online successfully.  I’m not sure of the exact timing because I don’t know who the other customer(s) is/are, so it’s difficult to nail it down for sure.  But the ping pattern speaks to that scenario perfectly.  If I am streaming video, the ping failure allows me to (sometimes) get the modem rebooted before the buffered video runs out and it continues fine (unless streaming from Amazon).  If the other household is streaming also, the rebooting can be a little more challenging to synchronize, but monitoring the ping feedback helps me to narrow it down much quicker.


I was provided with the d-link 2750B from Verizon, different from the one i had previously.  It is running firmware version, which I believe may need an adjustment to address this problem.


Would appreciate it tremendously if some DSL engineers at Verizon could set up a test scenario in the lab and dig into this a bit.  It’s driving me crazy, and probably likewise of the other customer(s) on this circuit.  I am looking forward to hearing back from said engineers as to the results they experience.


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